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Seaside Beach Volleyball Tournament 2019

Today begins the World’s Largest Amateur Beach Volleyball tournament in Seaside. It is the 38th annual Beach Volleyball Tournament. Over 1000 teams are competing this year. Photos from our strolls along the Prom during the ’16 and ’17 festivities.

Ghostly image of early morning setup days before the contest. Center court action. Folks will set up their couches on the berms around center court days before competition begins. Action takes place 1.5 mi/2.4 km from our house. Can hear the muffled announcements from PA system when we have onshore winds.


Warm Day

Very warm today in Astoria while enjoying waffle and coffee.

Flying Somewhere? Really?

“Popular osprey cam in Seaside captures losses at nest Nature sometimes a little too real”

Over the past couple of weeks nature has shown its unattractive side concerning our Seaside osprey. The following article says it best. Checking two days ago the camera showed a wet, lonely and shivering chick. The video feed being removed reveals the probable end to this season’s osprey story.

“They finally built a better ketchup bottle. And soon it’s going to be everywhere.” Not in our house.

A better ketchup bottle made of plastic? No. We are not stupid. More plastic? Our families are buying as much food in glass instead of plastic. Food in our pantry is stored in glass. Food stored in plastic is iffy. Why do we want more plastic? How long has prepared foods been sitting in plastic? How safe is it? Food in glass may be more costly but safer in our eyes.

What is social media good for? Absolutely…

Time to reevaluate need for and time spent on social media.

Comment: My kids aren’t getting social media accounts and yours probably shouldn’t either

Happy Birthday, Sir Richard.


About time. Staycations and regional trips are several ways to lower your travel carbon footprint.

Interestingly the Reducatarian Organization is having a conference in Washington, D.C. this September with attendees flying in from across the planet. The organization promotes eating less meat for health and environmental reasons. Rather hypocatical. It could be done by teleconferencing and/or regional meetings. I consider myself a more basic reducetarian, a person who strives in reducing my carbon footprint in as many ways as I can. The other “reducetarians” need to rename themselves, perhaps reducemeatians if that is all they are concerned about.

Seems the majority if not all environmental and other groups campaigning for reducing our carbon footprint by various means have numerous conferences that require attendees to travel around the globe. Hypocrites. True, conferences are for communicating. Telecommunication is communicating over a distance not traveling a distance. There are many ways of achieving that exchange of information while reducing the carbon footprint. Does that exchange require or dictate that it be done in person? No. If these organizations truly cared about the planet and believed in their own mantras there would be far fewer international conferences and more “connected” regional and local meetings. I think many people are afraid of losing the perk of visiting new and exotic locations using the conference as a selfish excuse.

For that matter why am I, a practiceing hypocrite, wasting green and/or black electricity in writing this piece that few will read or heed and might be stored on one or more servers that require more energy for far too long? Or posting my art or written works? Who really cares? A drop in the wasted power bucket. Unfortunately there are far too many irrelevant drops that add up to a waste of resources. I certainly do not waste time, personal energy and environmental resources on the dreaded and hopefully soon to be passé selfie.

Now is the time for all good citizens to do their part and rethink their carbon footprint and reconsider if any of their online discourse is in reality meaningful.

Flight Shaming ‘FLYGSKAM’. Will It Put You Off Long-Haul Travel?


I wrote this a week or two ago and then thought, nah, I would offend some people. Then I read a news article about KLM promoting less air travel and rethought my self censure. What is more important – what people think of me and my opinions or the future of the planet? This is the KLM message all those who fly need to hear and heed.

Happy Independence?

(Photo credit

The Second Continental Congress voted for independence 2 Jul 1776. The Declaration of Independence was adopted 4 July 1776 so it could be sent to the printer.* True independence was achieved when the colonial government and the King of England signed the Treaty of Paris 3 September 1783. So USers should be celebrating in two months time but knowing how they like to rewrite history… The origin of their own country is a perfect example. Anyone can declare anything but it is the achievement that counts. I’ll stick with real independence and the third of September.

*The majority of the Continental Congress members signed the document on 2 Aug. Not all signed and several signed the following year.

An earlier date of a declaration of independence from Great Britain could be argued when Richard Henry Lee of Virginia proposed 7 June 76 “all political connection is, and ought to be, dissolved.”

The Day of the Triffids

One of the best sci-fi radio plays.

John Wyndham’s – The Day of the Triffids – The End Begins –

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