South of Tonight

Sporadic murmurs and other pomegranates from a one-way street. Art may be viewed at

John Lennon 1980

John Lennon Murder, 30th Anniversary – ESPN OTL

Forty two years later I still remember the shock of learning of John Lennon’s death at that moment. My wife and I just turned and stared at each other in disbelief. Then the tears began to fall. 

#JohnLennon #HowardCosell #TheBeatles

Better Information?

Wonder if Russia is getting more and better information about their own situation than from their own sources. Guess it is physiological warfare. Must be demoralizing.

Ukraine war: An update on the situation in Ukraine | World News | Sky News

Marble Race: ML22 OPENING CEREMONY + E1: Climbing | Jelle’s Marble Runs

The rainy season has begun on the Oregon North Coast.

Rain gauge indicating 2.75 inches of rain Rain gauge indicating 5+ inches of rain

Yellow Skies

Yellow skies on the coast. Smoke from fires near Eugene and Salem.

Rescue Of Two Baby Seals Joined Together By Fishing Line And Hook

Still want to eat fish?

Early morning visitor.

Columbia black-tailed deer

Artemus Gordon

When I hear Artemis I picture Artemus Gordon portrayed by the great Ross Martin in The Wild Wild West television series.

The Real Internet Influencers

There are thousands up on thousands of so called influencers on the Internet. Most are trying to sell a product or themselves. How to paint your nails. Style your hair, etc. Learn a new dance. Really? Shoes for lazy people.

There are many that promote the care and rescue of animals. Good for them and their efforts are appreciated.
A few influence peddlers promote actions that may help the environment and the future of the planet. Most others are snake oil hacks. A waste of time and space.

Of all the series on streaming platforms and channels such as YouTube and others I have watched through the years ‘Ocean Conservation Namibia’ is the most compelling channel I have ever seen. For certain there are others that are worth following but they are few and far between compared to the huge cesspool of useless effluent influencers out there. If they are not helping to improve the planet or the lives of wildlife be it one way or another they are a waste of time.

Here are several examples of the work Ocean Conservation Namibia does, their methods and the animals they save.

Their organization is a true influencer. Making one want to take action by volunteering or contributing funds and wanting to share their channel.
(WARNING: Graphic wounds)

‘Bolt Cutter Needed To Save Seal!’

‘Rescued Seal Remembers Rescuers?’

‘Seal Left Helpless By Fishing Net’

‘Entangled Baby Seal Gasps For Air‘

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