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Two Great Dog Stories

Quickly. Found these two great dog stories.

Worst dog in the world? Move over, Marley

SF Gate: Buddy, Emil DeAndreis' blind dog, wears dishwashing glove… (Courtesy Emil DeAndreis) Multimedia (image)


Merry Christmas.



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One thought on “Two Great Dog Stories

  1. Hi JamesI see you’ve already sorted a playlist! I actually resisted adding one for ages to any of the blogs because I hate it when you visit a blog and some horrid music you don’t like starts blasting out. But I quite liked the one on Lola Smiles so I decided to do one in the end.Trouble is, you can only avoid adding stuff for so long, in the end your blog starts to look tired and out of date.Then of course I got carried away, and did one for each blog, but of course with each one trying to match up to the blog. So Pippa’s is meant to be sort of sleepy gentle music with smooth voices. With the exception of Relax I guess. Itchy feet is obviously Spanish/Latin American music, plus Albert Hammond to represent Gib. On Just Land Rovers, it’s basically rock – and primarily Adrian’s choices, and on Clouds I went for all women, with strong voices.As for layout stuff, the same principle applies, I wanted to leave the first two as they were when I first started them, but they just start to look dated. Pippa’s was the one I left longest, but some of the newer dog blogs were putting him to shame I felt. I messed around more with the template on his too.I can’t remember which template I used, but it is pretty flexible for changing colours, fonts, dimensions etc. I don’t find the blogger colours on the templates are clean and simple enough for me, so I nearly always change them. A little dabbling with (x) html works wonders. :)Kate

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