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Sporadic murmurs and other pomegranates from a one-way street

Where the Heck….?

…have I been? I have been floating rudderless the last several months. The loss of Freda in November really knocked the wind out of my sails. Then came the holidays. Then during January and February we planned a two week whirl wind trip to Europe and London during March.
Everyone has a video of tour Eiffel right way round.

Upon our return we spent two weeks recovering from colds and jet lag. Oh what fun.

And we had a great visit from the kids and sweet Tule…

Beautiful Tule…

After all that excitement, we began a search for a new family member. We found Graeme, aka Frank, alas, it was not to be. Two days after he adopted us it was found that he had a very serious illness and we had to return him to the shelter. We did get him meds for his kennel cough but his prognosis turned out to be very discouraging.

He is a wonderful friend.

He is now in rescue getting the daily if not several times a day care and treatment we could not give him. We feel he is getting much better care than we could have given him but I feel we failed him miserably. He is so handsome and gentle. Another hard decision to be made. Don’t how the Decider did it.

Mañana we will visit another pup who wants to check us out for adoption. She is a senior lady of Sheltie ancestry. We are hoping that she will like us enough to accept us into her family.

P.S. More photos and videos of our trip will appear in later posts, if anyone would like to see them.



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2 thoughts on “Where the Heck….?

  1. I would like to see your pix – of course. :)And – I never answered your question – I do use a Spanish keyboard in Spain complete with keys for ñ and ¡ but in Gib I have a British keyboard.It’s easy to flit between the two but I guess that is custom and practice.Graeme has such a lovely face, but you know he needs the best care he can get. Poor darling.It’s so hard when they go though isn’t it – Graeme for a few days and Freda for years, it’s a part of your life that stops. There are a few DWB dogs that I still miss and Freda is one of them.I hope you are adopted by a lucky pup. Or not so much of a pup.Hope you find some direction, I know how you feel.Kate

  2. ooh lets see some photos for sure!! The video was very cool!! We are hoping for luck in finding a new canine inspiration.

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