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Suzy, Our New Family Matron

Over the past several weeks we have winnowed through hundreds of online profiles of needy dogs in California, even Nevada. After reading many appeals from shelters and foster agencies, we decided to apply for adoption by a senior dog. Many times they are not given the second chance they deserve. Many humans want a puppy or young dog. Yes, they are cute and may be a family member for a longer time. But a senior usually is housebroken, knows the basic commands and is ready to settle down and enjoy life with their new family.

Sort of a fluffy Freda Mini-Me

Suzy was taking care of her former guardian until they passed away last January. With no one to care for, she ended up in a shelter. Shortly thereafter she joined a wonderful foster family about an hour away from us. She has taken very good care of them. We filled out our human quality papers and emailed them to Suzy and her foster family. After several days of worrying if we were dog worthy we received an invitation to visit Suzy.

We found her online profile last week.

This weekend we meet the wonderful little lady and extended a request to be her new family. She thought that we could be her final forever family but that she needed to have a physical before she could make the commitment.

Suzy passed her vet check today
and we are finally a member of her family.

You lookin’ at me?

Suzy weighs 31 pounds, a little heavy, and is about 16 inches at the shoulders. Her pedigree has been stated as ‘Sheltie mix’, ‘Australian Shepherd mix’ and ‘Spaniel mix’. Suzy is working on her genealogy and would appreciate at least a general consensus as to what her family background might be. She would give many licks and snuggles. (Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Thank you.)


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8 thoughts on “Suzy, Our New Family Matron

  1. she is 100 % adorable!! we stink at figuring out what makes up a dog but we certainly see lots of love and appreciation, and that is what counts!! Welcome Suzy!!!!!!!!

  2. Suzy looks like 100 percent dog to us. No squirrel, and that is lucky. She is a LUCKY girl! Congrats!

  3. She looks so sweet. I bet she could stand right under me! I can’t think what breed of dog she reminds me of, I’ll have to sleep on it, maybe it’ll come to me.

  4. Oh Jim, She is absolutely adorable! I'm so happy for you guys. She picked her forever family very well. xo SB & Sherry

  5. I wonder if Suzy might have some Nova Scotia Duck Toller in her. The colouring isn’t quite right, but that could be Sheltie or other Collie. Her size and shape and face and ears sure are similar.

  6. Yay!! She does look like a mini Freda to me. Apart from that I haven’t a clue, but so pleased for you all. Hope it works out well.Looking forward to reading LOADS about her.Kate 🙂

  7. All pup and all that matters! A gorgeous girl 😉 😉 So lucky are all of you! So, so lucky!!!!

  8. What a sweetie! Will she be blogging?

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