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Several of my online friends have mentioned suffering from sinus and/or allergy discomfort. I have suggested they use a neti pot…

Several of my online friends have mentioned suffering from sinus and/or allergy discomfort. I have suggested they use a neti pot. What is a neti pot? How does it work? Please see attached article. (Do Neti Pots Really Work? I have been putting off commenting on the neti pot but now that it is becoming more main stream I will spout forth. Long ago I witnessed my great grandmother irrigating her nasal cavities with a bulb and it freaked me out. What was she doing? To the future. I have suffered “hay fever” for years. Three years ago I started popping a generic 10mg Loratadine every day, dreading adding an unnecessary pharmaceutical concoction to my body. With the coaxing of my son and daughter-in-law, a year ago I reluctantly tried a neti pot. After several days I became used to the sensation and now use it every night. I have not taken a Loratadine since. If I do wake up sneezing or stuffy (rarely), I neti pot again. One may overcome allergies by living in an area over a period of time. Either I have grown accustomed to the endemic pollens, etc. or the neti pot really works for me. This is the neti pot I use. (NeilMed Pharmaceuticals It is plastic so it won’t break when dropped. Once the provided saline solution was used up I began using about a half teaspoon of Kosher salt per pot. If you are a swimmer, the sensation should not be any thing at all. Most of it is psychological. I hope this first-hand account helps those out there that haven’t tried a neti pot.


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