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To be, or not to be sociable on Facebook – that is the question:

To be, or not to be sociable on Facebook – that is the question: 

Whether ’tis nobler in the mind to suffer with
The slings and arrows of its outrageous incompetence and ever growing influence
Or remove myself from a sea of troubles… 
(Apologies to Mr. Shakespeare.)

I am a contrarian and always have been. With Skype and Microsoft joining Facebook and now with FB’s latest security breech through their games, I’m not comfortable with their policies nor their business model. Their improvements do not make it easier to use their product. Their new “easier” method of uploading photos actually makes it more difficult for me. 

Facebook is a monolith and growing ever larger and careless. Like Monsanto, which controls much of our food industry and is destroying our environment, let alone our health, Facebook is doing the same with the Internet. Now we learn that they filter which of our posts are seen and by whom. I do not post just to see my thoughts in print. I care that my friends see what I have to say and my interests. It is up to them if they want to read my drivel and rants or not, not Mr. Zuckerberg. Talk about Big Brother. 

Facebook does not need to make more money with my help. They will no longer do so. In the near future I am suspending my FB account. I rather give my business to the smaller guys. I hope Diaspora and Cafebots start up soon. Will certainly give them a try. I will keep my blogs, Twitter and Posterous accounts.
I have made many great new friends and reconnected with old friends. I have had fun. I will miss the relationships we have made. Many of them started on Twitter and my blog. It’s not you, it’s Facebook. If you wish to follow me at my other sites, wonderful. I certainly understand if you do not. It may be seen as a selfish decision but I must make it. I have to take a stand against the machine. After talking the talk, it is now time for me to walk the walk. 


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