South of Tonight

Sporadic murmurs and other pomegranates from a one-way street

CHINESE MEDICINE GAINING RESPECTABILITY IN WEST / FDA support for testing of botanical drugs helps boost credibility of ancient herbal treatments (2006) The cynics have either not tried Traditional Chinese Medicine, are afraid to try TCM or they are worried the truth may disrupt the strangle hold the pharmaceuticals have on Western medicine and pad their pockets. Which fosters more confidence, approximately 200 years of Western (let’s drug the hell out of the symptom no matter the side effects) medicine or 6000+ years of Chinese (let’s treat the cause) medicine? At least the FDA has finally opened its eyes.   Legally, Western doctors can only prescribe patented drugs. This is due to a deal made between the pharmaceuticals and the government decades ago so the pharmas could continue their monopoly and gravy train. Notice the fish oil adverts? Why now? Because this particular fish oil is patented. Thus the green light and high cost when prescribed. We have known the benefits of fish oil for thousands of years but the drug companies did not have their fingers in the process. Now they do. So many of the illnesses mentioned on TV can be treated or reduced in severity with acupuncture and herbs. The choice is yours.

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Sporadic murmurs and other pomegranates from a one-way street

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