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Spoiled USers

Many of today’s papers may have included a story such as this one from the San Francisco Chronicle. Spike in gas prices ignites election-year furor Oh, no! Four dollars or more for a gallon of petrol! Wake up America*! The average price of petrol in Europe is six dollars or more. We complain about the price of gasoline but will spend that much or more for a cup of coffee and then fight over a $220 pair of sneakers. Our priorities suck, no thanks to the encouragement of our political parties, their misinformed constituents and our anatomic disarray. We need to remove our collective head from our collective bum or suffer the consequences. Perhaps we should begin wearing Roman sandals. We are called USers for a reason.

*The political entity situated between Canada and Mexico





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4 thoughts on “Spoiled USers

  1. A quick tally of the vehicles my immediate neighbors in this American town drive:

    — two full size SUV’s, a full size pick-up, two large motorcycles, and a large RV

    — two sports cars, a full size pick-up, and a compact import

    — two full size SUV’s, a van, and a sports car

    — a van and a full size sedan

    I have no patience for fools complaining about the high price of gas.

    • Thanks for your input. We do have the freedom of choice but so many of our choices are for “me, now” with little or no thought of “us, [or better] them in the future”. As your observation most likely illustrates.

  2. Well, we have lots of Land Rovers – but rarely use them, ie taking Pippa to Spain 🙂 – the rest of the time we cycle and walk.

    Think the price of diesel here is around £1.3 or 4 – but it could have changed as we only fill up every three weeks or so.

    Have I got this right though? A dollar a litre?? wow! and Gib fuel prices are regarded as cheap.

    Very good post. Incisive, witty, serious and still made me laugh. Maybe it shouldn’t have done 😦

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