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Male Anna’s Hummingbird courting female in backyard with his mating flight ritual and its explosive squeak. So cool.


Cliff Swallows Return

The cliff swallows have returned for the nesting season. As with the barn swallows, if their nests are completed and eggs laid they cannot be disturbed until the chicks fledge. Dozens of cliff swallows overhead this morning.

Condo construction of past years


Penthouse view


Anna’s (Hummingbird) Derriere

While sharing the shade with Suzy in the front yard an Anna’s Hummingbird perched above us. I just had to record this exposure. I hope she forgives me.


Snipe Sighting

Observed eight Wilson’s Snipe enjoying a Christmas dinner between 1630 and 1700 hrs.

(One of my poor reference photos)

And just as the kids arrived we heard and saw a Great Horned Owl perched in a nearby tree. Great wildlife day.

Thanksgiving Dinner Last Seen Walking…

hwgCsqfa4W0.webloc Download this file

Happy Thanksgiving. 

Dear Directv – The Egg or the Rooster, Fireman, etc.

First, apparently your ad agency and editor did not attend class when evolution was presented, or they were asleep, do not subscribe to the theory of evolution or don’t understand evolution basics. Birds evolved from reptiles. Many reptiles lay eggs. Eggs appeared before birds. Your “rooster v the egg” advert is moot. 

Secondly, your “Hot House” (fireman falling through the floor) advert is in bad taste considering the recent loss of two firefighters in San Francisco and others around the world. It should have been pulled.

Thirdly, I will never return to your service. Stop the junk mail and save a tree. #directv

Busy bird day.

A productive morning walk. Saw a Common Snipe at the Willows. Around the clubhouse lake we observed a young Double-crested Cormorant, two Western Meadowlarks, a Snowy Egret, a Great Egret, one Common Goldeneye, a Black Phoebe and one Forster’s Tern. While I was gardening this afternoon, the ubiquitous Anna’s Hummingbird flitted about.

Poor Bird

We wondered why the birds had forsaken our feeder for the past two days.

Guess one of them became a meal itself. We do have several cats in the hood and the hawks are always patrolling.


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Sporadic murmurs and other pomegranates from a one-way street

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