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Just Say No To Imported Cut Flowers

Valentine’s Day is coming.
Thinking of flowers? Please use locally grown flowers instead of imported cut flowers for any occasion. There are many reasons to do so. Imported cut flowers have a huge carbon footprint, use large amounts of water, fertilizers and pesticides that in many countries are not controlled.
(I asked a woman in charge of a local Costco’s cut flower display where the flowers came from. Columbia was her answer. She was not pleased either.)
Support your local businesses and farms.

This video does a great job of explaining why imported cut flowers are a bad idea.

“Toxic cocktail: The secret within your flowers”

#cutflowers #environment #carbon_footprint #poisons #seasonal #organic #local

“Eating banana skin can help with ‘better sleep and weight loss'”

Conventional bananas are sprayed with synthetic insecticides, herbicides and fertilizers. I see nothing in here that mentions that. Wouldn’t “organic” bananas be a better choice if you want to utilize the skin?

“They finally built a better ketchup bottle. And soon it’s going to be everywhere.” Not in our house.

A better ketchup bottle made of plastic? No. We are not stupid. More plastic? Our families are buying as much food in glass instead of plastic. Food in our pantry is stored in glass. Food stored in plastic is iffy. Why do we want more plastic? How long has prepared foods been sitting in plastic? How safe is it? Food in glass may be more costly but safer in our eyes.


It’s that time again. Fireworks will once more fill the atmosphere with particulate matter and numerous heavy metals to be inhaled by human and non-human alike. These ‘delightful’ aerial displays rain down billions of plastic pieces to pollute our waterways and soil year after year. Let alone the noise pollution. Something to think about on this Fourth of July. Please inform your family, friends and community of the toxic and environmental dangers of fireworks. Fireworks are deadly for numerous reasons. There are safer alternatives. Just say no to fireworks.

Thank you.

(Photo is screenshot from YouTube) synchronized drones

Benefits Of Kefir

I have been drinking kefir for the past six or seven years upon the advice of our traditional Chinese medicine doctor. It has definitely improved my gut health. After listening to this podcast and further reading of the health benefits of kefir I thought kefir needed to be explored by more people as a possible addition to their diet.

Read about the adverse effects of kefir which may affect a few individuals before talking the gulp. The flavored ones contain a lot of sugar and I avoid them. The plain flavor can be an acquired taste but I enjoy the tangy pop. Found goat milk kefir nearby and hope to return to it soon. **

**I am not in the medical or nutritional field so my comments should be taken with a gulp of kefir if you are so brave.

(Chuckling Goats was even contacted by the producers of the wonderful soap The Archers for advice on kefir.)

The History and 22 Health Benefits of Kefir

Just Say No To Fireworks

As you ooh and aah at the fireworks this New Year’s Eve just remember the the particulates and heavy metals in the smoke and the plastic and other pollutants that are spread across the environment and pollute the air you breathe. Try to remain out of the clouds of smoke. If your local community does not care about the environment and the health of their citizens take action to inform your representatives of the dangers of fireworks and the much better alternatives. Synchronized drones, laser shows and White Night Festivals sans pyrotechnics are much better and safer alternatives.

#fireworks # trash #litter #pollution #particulatematter #airpollution #plasticpollution #health #dangers #plasticsucks #lasershow #alternatives #whitenightfestival #drones

The Importance Of Stretching

One reason I stretch each and every morning. Do you?

Tyranny of Science

Listening to “The Medicine Men” radio show. Can be found on Topic is the false claims of the FDA, science and pharmaceutical companies. Archives can be found at

Acetaminophen Is Very Dangerous

Listening to “The Medicine Men” on KEST Radio. Acetaminophen is the number one reason for acute liver problems. Statins increase problems with the prostate and increase the death rate in women. You are responsible for your own health. Question your doctor or suffer the consequences. Western medicine is profit driven. There are alternatives. Drugs are legal poisons used to treat illness.

Still drinking U.S. cow milk?

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