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‘Snack Time’

Three osprey chicks waiting for snack in Seaside.

Do You Feed Birds?

A few thoughts from the Australian podcast ‘Off Track’.

Kalahari: The Flooded Desert

Just finished watching “Kalahari: The Flooded Desert” on Nature. The programme brought back fond memories. In 1983 we spent five incredible weeks visiting my parents who were working in Gaborone, Botswana at the time. On one of our junkets we drove north through the Kalahari to spend several wonderful days in the Okavango Delta. While there I rescued our seven year old son when he fell off the camp dock. He turned white when he realized that there were crocodiles, hippos and tiger fish in the water. We watched as the assistants refilled our water pitchers with water from the Delta. Enjoyed iced orange squash with sand at the bottom of the glass. We were told freezing killed all of the bad things. No one became ill. Heard gunfire in the Caprivi Strip. Observed incredible wildlife. Hippos walked through our camp at night. Watched a large pack of wild dogs split up and stalk several zebra. Saw one leopard but no lions. Several black-backed jackals. Cape buffalo. Elephants. Numerous birds. The few camps allowed in the Delta at that time were quite rustic. Today’s camps appear to be much too luxurious and too large to allow the visitor to experience the true atmosphere of the Okavango. It now seems to be a destination not an adventure. Very happy we were able to visit this magical place before its mystery disappeared.

Great African Wildlife Webcam

An iPad screen shot from a waterhole webcam in Botswana. Antelope and jackals so far this evening. Great site. I recommend it. Using the free Puffin web browser for iPhone and iPad. Allows use of Flash. Wonderful. Enjoy.



Happy Bunny Day

A young jackrabbit at our front door several years ago.


“Ocean Giants” on PBS

Watching the fascinating program “Ocean Giants” on PBS. Viewing the botos of the Amazon. Saw them on our two trips up the river out of Iquitos in the nineties. Wonderful times.

Whaling Continues


‘The whalers have won absolutely everything’: veteran activist. #whaling #slaughter #wildlife


Enjoyed listening to coyote carols at 0215 this morning. #coyote #wildlife #carols


Observed over 300 pronghorn while traveling through Wyoming. Saw 100+ in one herd. Very impressive. Tracks in the snow show how they approach a fence on a wide front but then crawl under the fence (as noted in behavioral papers) in only one place following one another.

OR-7, Wandering Wolf, Inspires Hope And Dread

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