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Suzy’s Adopt Her Peeps Day

It was five years ago today that a nine year old ragamuffin dog adopted us. Suzy has been the apple of our eye ever since. Of course she has us well trained and we happily take her whims in stride.

She does a great job tending Mum's iris garden in front. It takes time and energy and Suzy expects to be well paid for her effort.

We love you Suzy and thank you for your gracious tolerance of our human ways.




Two years ago this day our precious Suzy took it upon on herself to adopt us. Apparently, and luckily for us, we suited her needs. Suzy has continually stressed that a diva and a princess are not the same and have different demands. In return for our following precise instructions in meeting her wants and whimsies, she has condescended to become my mentor and art critic. Suzy and “Mum” are still sparring as to which one is the true queen of the castle. All in all it has been a glorious two years and we look forward to many more. Thank you Suzy for being you. 

Suzy, Our New Family Matron

Over the past several weeks we have winnowed through hundreds of online profiles of needy dogs in California, even Nevada. After reading many appeals from shelters and foster agencies, we decided to apply for adoption by a senior dog. Many times they are not given the second chance they deserve. Many humans want a puppy or young dog. Yes, they are cute and may be a family member for a longer time. But a senior usually is housebroken, knows the basic commands and is ready to settle down and enjoy life with their new family.

Sort of a fluffy Freda Mini-Me

Suzy was taking care of her former guardian until they passed away last January. With no one to care for, she ended up in a shelter. Shortly thereafter she joined a wonderful foster family about an hour away from us. She has taken very good care of them. We filled out our human quality papers and emailed them to Suzy and her foster family. After several days of worrying if we were dog worthy we received an invitation to visit Suzy.

We found her online profile last week.

This weekend we meet the wonderful little lady and extended a request to be her new family. She thought that we could be her final forever family but that she needed to have a physical before she could make the commitment.

Suzy passed her vet check today
and we are finally a member of her family.

You lookin’ at me?

Suzy weighs 31 pounds, a little heavy, and is about 16 inches at the shoulders. Her pedigree has been stated as ‘Sheltie mix’, ‘Australian Shepherd mix’ and ‘Spaniel mix’. Suzy is working on her genealogy and would appreciate at least a general consensus as to what her family background might be. She would give many licks and snuggles. (Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Thank you.)


Where the Heck….?

…have I been? I have been floating rudderless the last several months. The loss of Freda in November really knocked the wind out of my sails. Then came the holidays. Then during January and February we planned a two week whirl wind trip to Europe and London during March.
Everyone has a video of tour Eiffel right way round.

Upon our return we spent two weeks recovering from colds and jet lag. Oh what fun.

And we had a great visit from the kids and sweet Tule…

Beautiful Tule…

After all that excitement, we began a search for a new family member. We found Graeme, aka Frank, alas, it was not to be. Two days after he adopted us it was found that he had a very serious illness and we had to return him to the shelter. We did get him meds for his kennel cough but his prognosis turned out to be very discouraging.

He is a wonderful friend.

He is now in rescue getting the daily if not several times a day care and treatment we could not give him. We feel he is getting much better care than we could have given him but I feel we failed him miserably. He is so handsome and gentle. Another hard decision to be made. Don’t how the Decider did it.

Mañana we will visit another pup who wants to check us out for adoption. She is a senior lady of Sheltie ancestry. We are hoping that she will like us enough to accept us into her family.

P.S. More photos and videos of our trip will appear in later posts, if anyone would like to see them.


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