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Already Sprung

Why should we lose an hour of slumber tonight when it is just as easy to lose that hour during the day today. In fact, our household “lost” that hour early this morning soon after we awoke. Since we are rarely on a schedule and I rarely know what day it is when the daylight savings fiasco takes place does not matter to us. So the clocks were sprung this morning. A littles “hipster doofus” action, as Suzy would bark. I was a bit worried she would experience a little time warp today instead to tomorrow but it did not bother her. Somehow she knew I had changed the clocks and she asked for her treats and meals at the usual clock times. Hmm…  Whoa! It’s a little later than I thought. Almost dinner time. Better close. Hope you don’t lose too much sleep tonight.

Suzy has a built-in clock.

Suzy ambles up to us at breakfast time, noon and five o’clock (1700 hrs) and stares at us. Her voodoo eyes bore into our souls commanding us to feed her. We can tell within the minute what time it is. We don’t need a clock.

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