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Benefits Of Kefir

I have been drinking kefir for the past six or seven years upon the advice of our traditional Chinese medicine doctor. It has definitely improved my gut health. After listening to this podcast and further reading of the health benefits of kefir I thought kefir needed to be explored by more people as a possible addition to their diet.

Read about the adverse effects of kefir which may affect a few individuals before talking the gulp. The flavored ones contain a lot of sugar and I avoid them. The plain flavor can be an acquired taste but I enjoy the tangy pop. Found goat milk kefir nearby and hope to return to it soon. **

**I am not in the medical or nutritional field so my comments should be taken with a gulp of kefir if you are so brave.

(Chuckling Goats was even contacted by the producers of the wonderful soap The Archers for advice on kefir.)

The History and 22 Health Benefits of Kefir

Still drinking U.S. cow milk?

Why US milk is BANNED from ALL of Europe. The truth about our beef. | Care2 Share

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Returned to rice milk. Don’t know why I stopped drinking it. The government states that cattle can be labeled as grass fed if they are on grass 99% of their lives. The remaining 1% can be filled with hormones. Be absolutely sure you know where your beef came from and how it was raised. The number one cause of cardiovascular problems is the consumption of non-grass fed beef.

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