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Seven Years Ago

Seven years ago today our beloved Freda crossed the Rainbow Bridge to join her many blogging friends. She is still missed very much. With Suzy crossing in July and our upcoming move to Oregon it has not been a good time to bring a new furry friend home. Hope to find a rescued dog next spring when things settle down. IMG_0379

Five Years Ago

It was five years ago today that our dear Freda crossed the Rainbow Bridge. We miss you girl.


Miss You Freda

1995 - 22 November 2008


Eleven Years Ago


Eleven years ago our dear Freda adopted us. Thank you for picking us. You made us very happy. Miss you.

Remembering Freda

It was three years ago today that our beloved Freda crossed the Rainbow Bridge. This morning was a foggy morning, Freda’s favorite.


Suzy and I went to our special place and took time to remember Freda.

SNV17680.AVI Watch on Posterous

This is very similar to the last video of Freda.

1emYIW8lmL0.webloc Download this file

We miss our dear Freda very much.


(Delta)Bunny Observed At Sacramento Airport

Thanks to Splash for letting us know that there is a large red (Delta)Bunny residing at the new terminal at the Sacramento Airport. Will always be reminded of Freda when we stroll by.


Freda would have been pleased. Much appreciated, Splash. Thank you.

More photos of the red bunny can be seen here.

Freda Crossed the Rainbow Bridge Two Years Ago Today

Freda loved playing with the shower.

She couldn’t wait until the shower was turned on.

At the time we thought her antics were a hassle but we certainly wish she was still up to her old tricks. We truly miss her and she is always in our thoughts and in our hearts.

If you missed her life story it can ben seen at


A Year Ago Today

I was going to say something about Freda’s passing which took place on this day November last but I think I’ll just post what Suzy had to bark earlier today.

Today is the one year anniversarys of Freda’s crossing the Rainbow Bridge. I always wonders why I adopted the peeps I did. I may have found a clue.



sD likes to drinks black and tans and after looking at the above photos, maybe it was fates.

Freda had a long distant relationship with an Aussie named Charlie.

Charlie. Freda always barked him “Charles”.

I hear that Charlie and Freda were quite an items. They were very close being so far aways from each other. They each even enjoyed smelling red hot pokers in their respective yards. Unfortunately, Charlie too crossed the bridge last August. It is nice to knows that they are now rompings together on the other sides of the Rainbow Bridge.

Everys day we walk to the same place where this film was shot. I can see why it was one of Freda’s favorite places. I love it too.

I know there is a hole in sD’s hearts but he tells me that I am doing a greats job of filling it. I think that is why he loves me so much and I loves him.


Arrow-headed Flatworm

An arrow-headed flatworm/planaria found by Suzy and I in a nearby park yesterday.

Spanish 25 escudos coin for scale.

It certainly is not as long as this one Freda and I found in the same park two years ago.

About ten inches in length.

An interesting animal.


Suzy, Our New Family Matron

Over the past several weeks we have winnowed through hundreds of online profiles of needy dogs in California, even Nevada. After reading many appeals from shelters and foster agencies, we decided to apply for adoption by a senior dog. Many times they are not given the second chance they deserve. Many humans want a puppy or young dog. Yes, they are cute and may be a family member for a longer time. But a senior usually is housebroken, knows the basic commands and is ready to settle down and enjoy life with their new family.

Sort of a fluffy Freda Mini-Me

Suzy was taking care of her former guardian until they passed away last January. With no one to care for, she ended up in a shelter. Shortly thereafter she joined a wonderful foster family about an hour away from us. She has taken very good care of them. We filled out our human quality papers and emailed them to Suzy and her foster family. After several days of worrying if we were dog worthy we received an invitation to visit Suzy.

We found her online profile last week.

This weekend we meet the wonderful little lady and extended a request to be her new family. She thought that we could be her final forever family but that she needed to have a physical before she could make the commitment.

Suzy passed her vet check today
and we are finally a member of her family.

You lookin’ at me?

Suzy weighs 31 pounds, a little heavy, and is about 16 inches at the shoulders. Her pedigree has been stated as ‘Sheltie mix’, ‘Australian Shepherd mix’ and ‘Spaniel mix’. Suzy is working on her genealogy and would appreciate at least a general consensus as to what her family background might be. She would give many licks and snuggles. (Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Thank you.)


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