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Happy Independence?

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The Second Continental Congress voted for independence 2 Jul 1776. The Declaration of Independence was adopted 4 July 1776 so it could be sent to the printer.* True independence was achieved when the colonial government and the King of England signed the Treaty of Paris 3 September 1783. So USers should be celebrating in two months time but knowing how they like to rewrite history… The origin of their own country is a perfect example. Anyone can declare anything but it is the achievement that counts. I’ll stick with real independence and the third of September.

*The majority of the Continental Congress members signed the document on 2 Aug. Not all signed and several signed the following year.

An earlier date of a declaration of independence from Great Britain could be argued when Richard Henry Lee of Virginia proposed 7 June 76 “all political connection is, and ought to be, dissolved.”

Happy Independence Day – 2nd July

Happy Independence Day U.S. Independence was declared 2 July 1776 but not achieved until Treaty of Paris of 1783 which ended the Revolutionary War.

Happy July 2nd!!! The Real Date? Perhaps Aug 2nd, Sep 3rd or Jan 14?

Happy 2nd of July. We actually declared independence from Great Britain on the second. The notice was printed and posted on the 4th. The printers dated the notice July 4. The declaration was signed on the fourth by John Hancock and Charles Thomson to make it legal so it could be printed. The actual signing began on 2 Aug and the last delegate signed it in January 1777. Our independence was achieved 3 Sep 1783 with the Treaty of Paris (1783) but not ratified until 14 January 1784. Which date should be our true date of celebration? Certainly not the Fourth.

Fourth of July Myths Debunked: via @NatGeo as i said, next year we need to celebrate on the 2nd. But declaration was signed on fourth by John Hancock and Charles Thomson to make it legal so it could be printed. Our independence was achieved 3 Sep 1783. That should be our true date of celebration. Just because you declare doesn’t mean you will succeed.

Kosovo Independence? on #Qwiki

What you don’t know about Kosovo.

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