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Acetaminophen Is Very Dangerous

Listening to “The Medicine Men” on KEST Radio. Acetaminophen is the number one reason for acute liver problems. Statins increase problems with the prostate and increase the death rate in women. You are responsible for your own health. Question your doctor or suffer the consequences. Western medicine is profit driven. There are alternatives. Drugs are legal poisons used to treat illness.

Blood Sugar and Diabetes

Listening to “The Medicine Men” 7am PDT on Topics today blood sugar and diabetes Some people can be helped with acupuncture and herbs and be taken off meds.

Going to listen to "The Balancing Point" at 8AM on

If you are interested in TMC (Traditional Chinese Medicine) you may want to listen to Dr. John Nieters. An eye opener. Only you are responsible for your own health.

Listening to The Vitamin Shelf Radio Program

The Vitamin Shelf Radio Disclaimer

Click accept below to continue…

In a nutshell…. The government (FDA, FCC, etc.) enforces certain orthodoxy when it comes to matters of health. You may not realize this, but a drug is defined as ANY SUBSTANCE that is used to diagnose, treat, mitigate, or prevent a disease. In other words, anything that effects health, magically becomes a “drug” and only doctors are allowed to legally prescribe or recommend “drugs” so anyone who talks about health who believes that Health Is Not Pharmaceutical runs a risk of offending the laws of the medical orthodoxy.

Free Speech permits me to voice my opinions, but this gets tricky in a commercial arena. I can say, “Prunes can relieve constipation”. But if I have a store or website that sells prunes, then my statement has positioned the Prunes as a “drug”. Prunes are not approved as a drug for constipation and now I have “crossed the line”. I know this sounds silly but this is the way that the medical industry attempts to silence their critics under the guise of fighting “quackery”.


You are about to be exposed to information that may encourage you to take responsibility for your own health. Said information will likely stand in stark contrast to what you may hear from typical doctors. If you feel capable of judging the sensibility of health information for yourself, click “ACCEPT”.

If exposing yourself to opinions outside medical orthodoxy seems irresponsible or dangerous, choose below…

“DECLINE” or I have Nutriphobia

“The Vitamin Shelf” on KEST Radio. Interesting program that discusses natural health supplements. Check it out.

Listening to Dr. Nieters discussing cardiovascular health on "The Medicine Men" on KEST Radio.

The need of sleep, use of caffeine, sugars, fish and krill oils, starch, chocolate and of course fuzz. You need to break you fuzz every day.

Getting ready to listen to "The Balancing Point" at 8 AM PST with Dr. Nieters on KEST Radio.

Call-in program about Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Tomorrow morning Dr. Nieters discusses the fallacies of the latest vitamin D study.

Will be listening to Dr. Nieters at 7AM PST tomorrow on He will discuss the fallacies of the latest and flawed research on vitamin D. “New guidelines warn against too much vitamin D” (SFGate)

Have broken my fuzz and am now getting ready to listen to The Balancing Point.

Latest news

Now Streaming Online!

KEST is now streaming online! This feature is one of our new efforts to reach out to listeners worldwide.

Streaming will open in your default Media Player. If neccessary, please adjust your web settings to allow the application to execute.

New Look

We all are growing, so naturally should our website! We hope you enjoy our new look!

Using Qigong to break my fuzz.

Listening to Dr. Nieters about Traditional Chinese medicine.

Call in show every Thursday at 8:00 AM PST at Dr. Nieters is my TCM doctor.

Will be listening to on KEST Radio,, at eight this morning.

Some interesting information on the Vitamin Show on right now. The dangers of statins discussed now.

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