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Time To Rip Out Your Ring Video Doorbell

“Ring gave police a map of video doorbell installations for over a year

Security comes at a price. Is it true security?


Be sure to say #helloNSA in all your tweets, posts, messages and emails. The #NSA will like that as they plow through useless information.

Without Asking Fookbase Has Changed Your Email Address

Another reason why I question why anyone would use Fookbase. Their disregard to your privacy is criminal. “In FB We Trust”? I certainly do not.
—Here’s How to Fix It via @zite Thanks to Sam Biddle at Gizmodo.

One of Many Reasons Why I am Gradually Weaning Myself From the Evil Google

“Google Exploits Safari Bug, Tracks Browsing Without Your Consent — AppAdvice”

I “closed” my Google Plus account several months ago. Presently moving my email accounts away from GMail. And several days ago a Blogspot blog gave us pains trying to authenticate Suzy’s WordPress account. Gave up in disgust. She will try barking again later. I am now reluctant to comment on Blogspot blogs. I may find the same problem with ID confirmation.

Since “Don’t be evil” has disappeared from Google’s profile, Google has disappeared from our search engine menu. The disadvantages have begun to outweigh the once thought advantages of Google. Like fookbase, Google could care less about their customers’ privacy.

Web users have better social lives, study finds. (Misplaced trust?)


Proud to be among the 8% that do not (no longer) use fookbace and the 13% that use Twitter. Can’t believe that so many trust fookbace with their privacy. Talk about misplaced trust. See that fb is losing members in Canada and the U.S. ( Those ex-members must know something.

Flying somewhere? You can choose either a full body scan or a very personal pat-down. (Nudity warning)

If you take the pat-down be sure to ask the agent to use a clean pair of surgical gloves. I certainly don’t want someone’s Egg McMuffin, KFC grease, snot, spittle or what have you smeared all over my clothing. Also tell them you are allergic to latex and please use vinyl gloves. That should piss them off. Oh, and plan on adding a minimum of thirty minutes to your airport arrival time in case you need to strip. Or you could buy a set of Flying Pasties. Don’t know if the pasties work but the web site is interesting. #flyingpasties #latexgloves #surgicalgloves #TSA #vinylgloves

BBC News – Facebook alternative Diaspora eyes launch date YES!!

Can’t wait. Will certainly try it out. Interested in their privacy policy. Facebook is too big and too much into itself. If it looks good will be difficult to leave Facebook and so many new and old friends. That’s the problem.

The Facebook Data Torrent Debacle: Yahoo! News

Hurry up Diaspora!

There are advantages to going starkers.

Facebook Community Pages Won’t Let You Personalize Your Interests

Is it time for a change?

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