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Are Contraception and Tolerance Also Family Values?

Columnist Jon Carroll makes a good point that there are many family values and they depend on the family. A few more family values. Those that so publicly push their family values on others should first straighten out their own families then worry about the rest of us.


The Other “United” Way

The better United Way again explained by Jon Carroll. A great way to do good and feel good doing it.
#charity #feelgood

Smart Conservatives Do Not Like the Newt

“Newt Gingrich and his box of matches”

From San Francisco Chronicle’s Wayback Machine-1910 "A busy day for the Chinatown barbers."

Nov. 7: Yesterday was a busy day for the Chinatown barbers. Following the example set a couple of days ago by Consul-General Li Yung Yew, many of the residents of Chinatown have decided to have their queues cut off. There was a steady procession of well-known Chinatown residents to barber shops and many queues which had for years been a source of pride fell victims to the operators’ shears. A peculiar feature of the crusade against the queue is that the “highbinders” or gunmen are refusing to sacrifice their long hirsute appendages. This is not because of any religious belief but is due to the fact that the police when capturing Chinese criminals invariably grasp them by the queue. The removal would, therefore be looked upon as a cowardly act in that it deprives the police of a means to subdue a fighting highbinder. The feeling is much like that of the American Indians who would grow a scalp lock to an extreme length to show contempt for their enemies. It was predicted that the possession of a queue would soon be the insignia of the gunfighter or would-be “bad man,” and that staid businessmen would welcome the imperial authorization which enables them to do without the queue, which typifies the domination of the Tartar race over the Manchus.

Two Great Dog Stories

Quickly. Found these two great dog stories.

Worst dog in the world? Move over, Marley

SF Gate: Buddy, Emil DeAndreis' blind dog, wears dishwashing glove… (Courtesy Emil DeAndreis) Multimedia (image)


Merry Christmas.


The Coho Salmon Have Returned

It was exciting to read in the SF Chronicle this morning that coho fry were found in the headwaters of the Garcia River in Mendocino County. ( Maybe the counter culture of the area is doing something we should aspire to.


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