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Time To Rip Out Your Ring Video Doorbell

“Ring gave police a map of video doorbell installations for over a year

Security comes at a price. Is it true security?

U.S. moves forward with unique internet ID for all Americans Welcome to 1984. They might as well chip us. Of course TSA and Homeland Secutity will use this information. We’re not idiots. Just sheep. Thanks to @TwitterBulletin

More Scanner-Proof Undies That Promise to Hide Your Junk : Discovery News

Airport Security Body Scanner

A TSA employee demonstrates the use of a full body scanner at a security checkpoint. Click to enlarge this image.
AP Photo

More flying undies. If all flyer start wearing flying undies the TSA will have a difficult time figuring out if that bulge is C-4 or the real thing. Maybe I need to run out and buy several pair. This aluminum foil is starting to chafe. Remember, if you go for the grope, ask for clean gloves.

Flying somewhere? You can choose either a full body scan or a very personal pat-down. (Nudity warning)

If you take the pat-down be sure to ask the agent to use a clean pair of surgical gloves. I certainly don’t want someone’s Egg McMuffin, KFC grease, snot, spittle or what have you smeared all over my clothing. Also tell them you are allergic to latex and please use vinyl gloves. That should piss them off. Oh, and plan on adding a minimum of thirty minutes to your airport arrival time in case you need to strip. Or you could buy a set of Flying Pasties. Don’t know if the pasties work but the web site is interesting. #flyingpasties #latexgloves #surgicalgloves #TSA #vinylgloves

Sendible Attack May Have Uncovered A Big Facebook Security Flaw. Huge Pages Compromised.

We’ve just received about a half dozen rapid fire tips all showing the same thing: the Facebook app Sendible compromised in a major way.

It appears that several of the largest Facebook Pages including Google, Coca-Cola, YouTube, South Park, The Daily Show, Team Coco and others are now sending out a malicious link to all of their followers that reads “Change Your Facebook Background Here!” Obviously, don’t click on it.

A few people who did click on the link reported that it took you to a page outside of Facebook that asks you for some information about you. The bottom of the page reads “Powered By AWeber Email Marketing”.

The weirdest part is just how many other Facebook users are “liking” these links.

We’ve contacted Facebook about the issue and will update when we hear back from them. But these accounts compromised seem to suggest that this link is showing up in tens of millions of feeds right now.

Update: And it looks like most of the malicious links have now been taken down. But more tips are coming in that the attack is ongoing and other links keep popping up. Still no word yet from Facebook on the incident.

Update 2: From Mazy Kazerooni:

The Sendible hack hit Lil Wayne’s Facebook page (15 MM fans). I’m an admin, blocked the app. They tried to post multiple times

Update 3: And now Sendible is saying it wasn’t them that was hacked, instead this may be a Facebook security exploit:

Just to clarify, Sendible was not hacked. One of our users has discovered a major flaw in Facebook’s security.

Just to clarify, Sendible was not hacked. One of our users has discovered a major flaw in Facebook’s security.

about 2 hours ago via webRetweet

Update 4: Says Facebook:

We’re looking into this now and will let you know as soon as we hear something.

[image via moyajaya]

Facebook image

Location: Palo Alto, California, United States
Founded: February 1, 2004
Funding: $836M

Facebook is the world’s largest social network, with over 500 million users.

Facebook was founded by… Learn More

Information provided by CrunchBase

One reason I am glad I closed my Facebook account.

The Facebook Data Torrent Debacle: Yahoo! News

Hurry up Diaspora!

Security of U.S. Offshore Drilling Rigs?

It has been suggested by various interests that the recent BP oil rig blowout may have occurred under suspicious circumstances. It seems far fetched but in today’s geo-environmental-political atmosphere, should it not be considered as a future possibility? A brief Internet search of oil rig security found an article from Canada (2006) asking that vary question: “Ottawa considers beefing up security on offshore rigs” Another website touted oil rig security: “Oil Rig Security”

It has been said, “To catch a thief, think like a thief.” What would produce more havoc to our coastal water environment and nation energy security, not to mention our fisheries, etc. than coordinated attacks on numerous offshore oil rigs along our coasts? I may by way off base. I hope so. Maybe the Pentagon has this all figured out in a secret black paper locked up somewhere. Perhaps we should ask what are the true security risks of our offshore drilling rigs and what is being done to protect them. Do I assume this has all been done? Just thinking.

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