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Happy Gotcha Day, Suzy. Suzy adopted us nine years ago when she was approximately nine years old. We had great times for seven plus years. We love you, Suzy.

Seven Years Ago

Seven years ago today our beloved Freda crossed the Rainbow Bridge to join her many blogging friends. She is still missed very much. With Suzy crossing in July and our upcoming move to Oregon it has not been a good time to bring a new furry friend home. Hope to find a rescued dog next spring when things settle down. IMG_0379

Adieu Sweet Suzy

A Year Ago Today


We said goodbye to Suzy today. She was 15 1/2 years old. She adopted us just over six years ago. Her failing health began to impact her quality of life and it was time to bid her farewell. Now she is across the bridge romping with Tule, Freda, Opy, Charlie, Pippa, Sophie, Splash, Ivy and so many more of her friends she met over the years. We tried to give her a comfortable and loving home and she gave so much more in return. She will sorely be missed and never forgotten. Love you and miss you, Suzy. Adieu.


Unwrapping Casper






Received our Casper mattress via UPS. Unwrapped Casper the friendly mattress earlier today.

Suzy’s Adopt Her Peeps Day

It was five years ago today that a nine year old ragamuffin dog adopted us. Suzy has been the apple of our eye ever since. Of course she has us well trained and we happily take her whims in stride.

She does a great job tending Mum's iris garden in front. It takes time and energy and Suzy expects to be well paid for her effort.

We love you Suzy and thank you for your gracious tolerance of our human ways.


Friday Morning Journal

Sat in the front yard with Suzy enjoying the fine weather and beauty of the morning. Watched a Killdeer incubate her three eggs in the nest across the street. Listened to the crickets and barn swallows vocalizing their enjoyment of the moment. Rescued a honey bee from a very small spider. Observed the blossoms of our wild fennel. As Suzy looked on, escorted a young garter snake off the hot concrete driveway. Wondered if the adult I saw yesterday might be its parent. Then finished the morning an espresso and a little work on my hermit crab in colored pencil. Not a bad morning.

Morning activities

Handsome three foot garter snake


Future Killdeer family


No News Or Internet Today

Waiting until mañana to gauge the actual intelligence of USerland voters. Will enjoy the day. French press. Visit with family. Listen to the birds. Mosey with Suzy. Do a little drawing. Enjoy life this day. The large crap is over. The small crap will begin again tomorrow. What a waste. Rue the invention of modern communications. Later.


Suzy’s Third Anniversary

It was three years ago today that my wife and I were adopted by a nine year old Sheltie mix named Suzy. (Suzy barks that she is a “Meltie”.) Soon after the death of her previous guardian, she was fostered with a family that had both large and small dogs, several cats, a few sheep and small grandchildren. Suzy had it made. Along with all the interaction with other animals and humans she had about all she could eat. After all the other dogs were fed and had their fill, Suzy, ever so helpful, would make sure the bowls were clean. She did not like to go on walks. Her only real exercise was running about in a large yard. She was a bit plump when we first saw her.

After three years, she still is a foodie (but a bit trimmer) and receives her three small meals a day. We are now trained to provide those meals at very specific times of the day, treats in a timely manner and go on walks moseys by the clock. As we all know, every plant, every blade of grass and each patch of asphalt holds pee mail from our companion’s friends and must be minutely interpreted before proceeding. Thus the moseys.

Every dog guardian is blessed with the unbridled and unconditional love of their canine companion(s), be they purebred, “Melties”, rescues or born to the manor. Every day we are thankful for Suzy, her love, her antics and her strict eating, mosey and treat timetable to which we have become accustomed. But in the background there is always the joy that we are able to give Suzy a second chance at living out her life in a loving home and be able to enjoy “running like the winds”, as she would bark.

Already Sprung

Why should we lose an hour of slumber tonight when it is just as easy to lose that hour during the day today. In fact, our household “lost” that hour early this morning soon after we awoke. Since we are rarely on a schedule and I rarely know what day it is when the daylight savings fiasco takes place does not matter to us. So the clocks were sprung this morning. A littles “hipster doofus” action, as Suzy would bark. I was a bit worried she would experience a little time warp today instead to tomorrow but it did not bother her. Somehow she knew I had changed the clocks and she asked for her treats and meals at the usual clock times. Hmm…  Whoa! It’s a little later than I thought. Almost dinner time. Better close. Hope you don’t lose too much sleep tonight.

As Suzy Barks

As Suzy barked, we say goodbye to an old year and hello to a new year. Sad and happy in the same moment.


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