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“Be Seeing You”

I posted the following on my Google Plus page:Google funds ALEC…?If this holds true and until I hear differently, I am suspending my use of Google Plus and those Google accounts that I can. 'Don't Be Evil' Google? I think not. Why should I support a company or use a service that is funding an entity that works against my beliefs particularly concerning the environment? I am boycotting the Evil Empire. I am returning to “South Of Tonight” at WordPress. Any future photos and videos I post can be viewed on Flickr (DeltaGypsy), EyeEm, Instagram though reluctantly, Tumblr, Vimeo, App.Net and Twitter as Iquitoz. Thanks to Google I am leaving this community. So long for now. “Be seeing you.”

H.U.M.P. Day (Hitch Up My Pony)

I’m hitching up my pony and will attempt to use as little electricity and as few petroleum based products as I can for the remainder of the day. As in the horse and buggy days?

Did you turn on the light to read your morning paper? Perhaps you arose too early. Try reading in the morning light tomorrow. I did today. It was nice. Do you turn on the light in the shower or water closet when you actually don’t need it?

Billions of us post something online almost every day. Why are we keeping tweets, or blog posts in all their forms for years and years? Are they really that important to most of us? Do we really need to keep everything we compose into perpetuity?  A journal of your life may be important. So be it. But of the extraneous fluff?  Do we need ever expanding server farms and their increasing demand for electricity to store what we once thought were eloquent words? Have you thought to deleting the tweets you posted several years ago? Are they relevant today?  Didn’t think so. Does it really matter how many tweets you have posted? Something you post today is most likely forgotten by most humans in a week or two. If or when I return to the online world, I will begin deleting my early tweets and blog postings and free up some space somewhere for the next stupendous “best seller” and save some electricity. (But will I waste more power deleting my fluff?)

Are you going to H.U.M.P. today, tomorrow? Once a year is a start but once a month or once a week would create a larger difference. If nothing else you might feel better about yourself. Now that I have just wasted all this electricity producing ones and zeros and wasting electricity, I’m thinking of hitching Ol’ Bess up for several days and see what happens.

Happy H.U.M.P Day.

Web users have better social lives, study finds. (Misplaced trust?)


Proud to be among the 8% that do not (no longer) use fookbace and the 13% that use Twitter. Can’t believe that so many trust fookbace with their privacy. Talk about misplaced trust. See that fb is losing members in Canada and the U.S. ( Those ex-members must know something.

Spring Cleaning

Finally deleted our fookbace accounts. Feels great. Now need to weed out tweeters I no longer read. There are only so many news, tech, etc. tweets I need to follow or need to follow me.

Still On facebook?

If so, you may want to read the June 2011 issue of Consumer Reports. You may be looking for an alternative social site after reading the article about facebook. “…you share the details of your life on Facebook, assuming that you and other users are its main customers and that it’s accountable to you. But Bruce Schneier, cheif technology officer at security firm BT Global Service, says you’re not Facebook’s customer. ‘You are Facebook’s product that they sell to their customers,’ he says, refering to the network’s advertisers.” You have to ask yourself who is using whom? Stand up, be brave and seek out a better alternative. Invite your friends to follow you. True privacy is lost on the Internet but you can do a better job of protecting your personal information than on facebook. Does billionaire Mr. Mark really need you to help line his already bulging pockets? Check out other social sites. You may find a less offensive organization that may fill your needs. Twitter may be all you need. Or Blogger? Tumblr? WordPress? Posterous? You may also want to avoid friendfeed which is owned by facebook. Remember, The Beatles were warning us of the Blue Meanies so long ago. I left facebook and am glad I did. 

Feel good after experiencing my first #silentsunday.

No socialization on the Internet on Sundays. No #Twitter, #Posterous or #Tumblr. Rather relaxing. And saved a little electricity by not pushing electrons all over the earth. A little reading and drawing.

To be, or not to be sociable on Facebook – that is the question:

To be, or not to be sociable on Facebook – that is the question: 

Whether ’tis nobler in the mind to suffer with
The slings and arrows of its outrageous incompetence and ever growing influence
Or remove myself from a sea of troubles… 
(Apologies to Mr. Shakespeare.)

I am a contrarian and always have been. With Skype and Microsoft joining Facebook and now with FB’s latest security breech through their games, I’m not comfortable with their policies nor their business model. Their improvements do not make it easier to use their product. Their new “easier” method of uploading photos actually makes it more difficult for me. 

Facebook is a monolith and growing ever larger and careless. Like Monsanto, which controls much of our food industry and is destroying our environment, let alone our health, Facebook is doing the same with the Internet. Now we learn that they filter which of our posts are seen and by whom. I do not post just to see my thoughts in print. I care that my friends see what I have to say and my interests. It is up to them if they want to read my drivel and rants or not, not Mr. Zuckerberg. Talk about Big Brother. 

Facebook does not need to make more money with my help. They will no longer do so. In the near future I am suspending my FB account. I rather give my business to the smaller guys. I hope Diaspora and Cafebots start up soon. Will certainly give them a try. I will keep my blogs, Twitter and Posterous accounts.
I have made many great new friends and reconnected with old friends. I have had fun. I will miss the relationships we have made. Many of them started on Twitter and my blog. It’s not you, it’s Facebook. If you wish to follow me at my other sites, wonderful. I certainly understand if you do not. It may be seen as a selfish decision but I must make it. I have to take a stand against the machine. After talking the talk, it is now time for me to walk the walk. 

Beautiful Commercial From Thailand: Disconnect to connect. [VIDEO]

This short video should change your mind about the time you spend on social networks. Have been rethinking my Facebook and Twitter accounts for several reasons. This adds fuel to the fire of decision.

New Year, New Twitter Avatar/Icon

New Twitter avatar

Trying out new avatar on my Twitter account, Twitter / Iquitoz. See if the icon will fly. Need to reduce my photo to get a better tiled background.


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