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My pet pygmy reticulated Gila monster. 😉



Kalahari: The Flooded Desert

Just finished watching “Kalahari: The Flooded Desert” on Nature. The programme brought back fond memories. In 1983 we spent five incredible weeks visiting my parents who were working in Gaborone, Botswana at the time. On one of our junkets we drove north through the Kalahari to spend several wonderful days in the Okavango Delta. While there I rescued our seven year old son when he fell off the camp dock. He turned white when he realized that there were crocodiles, hippos and tiger fish in the water. We watched as the assistants refilled our water pitchers with water from the Delta. Enjoyed iced orange squash with sand at the bottom of the glass. We were told freezing killed all of the bad things. No one became ill. Heard gunfire in the Caprivi Strip. Observed incredible wildlife. Hippos walked through our camp at night. Watched a large pack of wild dogs split up and stalk several zebra. Saw one leopard but no lions. Several black-backed jackals. Cape buffalo. Elephants. Numerous birds. The few camps allowed in the Delta at that time were quite rustic. Today’s camps appear to be much too luxurious and too large to allow the visitor to experience the true atmosphere of the Okavango. It now seems to be a destination not an adventure. Very happy we were able to visit this magical place before its mystery disappeared.

Great African Wildlife Webcam

An iPad screen shot from a waterhole webcam in Botswana. Antelope and jackals so far this evening. Great site. I recommend it. Using the free Puffin web browser for iPhone and iPad. Allows use of Flash. Wonderful. Enjoy.



Snipe Sighting

Observed eight Wilson’s Snipe enjoying a Christmas dinner between 1630 and 1700 hrs.

(One of my poor reference photos)

And just as the kids arrived we heard and saw a Great Horned Owl perched in a nearby tree. Great wildlife day.

Whaling Continues


‘The whalers have won absolutely everything’: veteran activist. #whaling #slaughter #wildlife

Following the Lily & Hope Den Cam Check out the Ted and Lucky Den Cam at

The Gulf Coast Will Recover From This Oil Disaster

Unfortunately, it may not be in our lifetime. The wildlife and vegetation may be different. Present livelihoods may be lost but the Gulf of Mexico will recover. For the better? That remains to be seen.

Mink and Otters

Until the other day, we had not seen any signs of mammal activity at the Watson Hollow pond. One morning we observed what looked like a mink swim out of the cattails and across the pond. That was exciting.
Mink running along the bank of the Watson Hollow pond. 2008

We have not seen any otters at Watson Hollow going on two summers. Watson Hollow was dredged about 18 months ago and that may have something to do with the change in wildlife activity here.
Approximately nine otters enjoying the waters of a Watson
Hollow pond one week after a fire blackened an adjoining field.
Interestingly, the otters’ toilet area was not burned. 16 Aug 2007

Nature is not static and changes will always occur but it seems we tend to get upset when those changes happen during our lifetime.


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